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Set: Welcome to Rathe
Release Date: 2019-10-11


Brute • Guardian • Ninja • Warrior

After centuries of uneasy peace, the continent of Rathe is once again teetering on the brink of chaos. Barbarians and monsters of the savage west grow restless, clashing with the noble defenders of Solana in increasingly bloody skirmishes, as merchants from distant lands arrive bearing tidings of powerful kingdoms unknown.

As beasts and scoundrels feast on the flesh of the weak, heroes fight on by the blood of their covenant, immortalized by the flames of war as eternal legends.

Welcome to Rathe, Hero.

This Hero Deck Display contains 2 of each Welcome to Rathe Hero Deck:

BRUTE: (Rhinar, Reckless Rampage) An apex predator on the prowl, terrify your enemies with primal bellows and reckless disregard for your own and others' survival. In these jungles that time forgot, only the strong survive.

GUARDIAN: (Bravo, Showstopper) Step right up! Step right up! Here's the strongest man in Rathe. Set the scene and build up the anticipation for the cranial crushing, spine shattering, show stopping finale!

NINJA: (Katsu, the Wanderer) Outmaneuver your enemy with a flurry of perfectly coordinated kicks and punches. Travel the land, kodachi in hand, as a wandering Ronin of mysterious origins.

WARRIOR: (Dorinthea Ironsong) With the sword that chose you in hand, fulfill your duty to the people of Solana. Watch your beloved Dawnblade grow stronger with every elegant swing.

Each Hero Deck is ready-to-play out of the box and includes:

• a 60-card deck showcasing a specific mechanic.
• a hero, weapon(s), and equipment which correspond to the themed hero
• a mini rule-book

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