Secret Lair: Drop Series - The Path Not Traveled

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Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Sealed
Release Date: 2020-06-01
Being a Planeswalker comes with heavy responsibilities. What would happen if our Planeswalkers decided to pack things up and do something else with their lives—or had never sparked at all? This drop explores alternate fates for Ajani, Domri, Tamiyo, and Vraska. Their lives were entrusted to the steady hands of Yeong-Hao Han, Chris Rallis, David Rapoza, and Mike Uziel. Maybe in yet another universe, these Planeswalkers are collecting cards of you!


• 1x Foil Alt-Art Ajani Steadfast
• 1x Foil Alt-Art Domri Rade
• 1x Foil Alt-Art Tamiyo, Field Researcher
• 1x Foil Alt-Art Vraska, Golgari Queen

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