Secret Lair: Drop Series - Artist Series (Seb McKinnon)

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Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Sealed
Release Date: 2020-11-30
Welcome to the first of (hopefully many!) Secret Lair's Artist Series drops where some of Magic's greatest artists run wild. This time, Seb McKinnon selected four cards on which he wanted to leave his mark. He then illustrated them however he wanted. After a month of radio silence, Seb emerged from the woods near Wizards HQ—clothing ragged, hair immaculate—and handed them four unbelievable pieces of art. The pieces tell the story of a knight's chance encounter with a faerie, and they are accompanied by a poem written by Seb's brother Liam McKinnon. Don't mind us, we're just going to stare at that Damnation art for a little while longer...


• 1x Alt-Art Damnation
• 1x Alt-Art Enchanted Evening
• 1x Alt-Art Sower of Temptation
• 1x Full-Art Swamp

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