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The Pokémon TCG is a collectible card game where players use decks of cards representing Pokémon creatures to battle each other. Players take turns playing cards, evolving their Pokémon, and using attacks to defeat their opponent's Pokémon. The goal is to reduce the opponent's Pokémon's Hit Points to zero. Energy cards power the Pokémon's attacks, and various types and strategies add depth to the gameplay. The first player to collect all their Prize cards wins.

The Scarlet and Violet Pokémon TCG arc introduces the Paldea region and its new Pokémon to the card game. Players experience new Pokémon from the distant future and encounter new Tera-type Pokémon along with a reintroduction of the Pokémon ex. Subsequent expansions introduce type shifted Tera-Pokémon and new Ruinous Legends quartet of pokemon. The story follows three different paths, asking the player to puruse the conflict with Team Star, the traditional journey to be a Pokémon League Master, or a mission to quell the new types of Pokémon that have appeared and explore area zero. Whatever path the Trainer chooses will be guided by the university instructores and holds the promise powerful Pokémon.

• Features original Japanese printing of the cards seen in the English set Scarlet & Violet
• Each Scarlet ex Booster Box contains 30 Booster Packs
• Each Scarlet ex Booster Pack contains 5 randomly inserted game cards
• Don't miss all the top cards! Gardevoir EX, Koraidon EX, and Gyarados

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