MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation (2nd Edition) - Theme Decks (Set of Five)
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Box: Set of Five
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MetaZoo is a Collectible Card Game with groundbreaking mechanics that break the 4th Wall. Choose where you play wisely, because your surroundings dictate how powerful your cards are! Cast Water Spells when it's raining to increase their effectiveness and partner Dark Beasties during nighttime to augment their power. It's not enough to build a powerful deck anymore, you choose your Arena!

Want to get battling right away? For the most competitive of us, five unique tribal theme deck cases are available with pre-made decks. Learn to play and get a head start on the competition!

One each of the 50-card Cryptid Nation theme decks - Salamander Queen, Alpha Minnesota Iceman, Dingbelle Ring Leader, Hopkinsville Goblin King, and Pukwudgie Chieftain


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