Lorcana: The First Chapter - Booster Box Display

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Expand your collection with a booster box display! Booster boxes are perfect for collectors and players looking to build decks because they're equipped with 24 booster packs. Unlike starter decks, booster packs contain twelve random cards from Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. Use booster packs to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those found in starter decks.

Each booster box display contains:

  • 24 booster packs 
  • Each booster pack contains 12 randomized cards
    • 6 Common cards
    • 3 Uncommon cards
    • 2 Rare, super rare, or legendary cards
    • 1 Foil card

This is a preorder product and will not ship until it releases on August 18th, 2023. 

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