Guilds of Ravnica - Planeswalker Deck (Vraska)

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Set: Guilds of Ravnica Sealed
Release Date: 2018-10-05
Stand With Your Guild!

On Ravnica, whoever you are—soldier or scientist, merchant or spy—your guild is the core of your identity. It provides structure and greater purpose. Now, the time has come to defend it

While most Ravnicans prefer not to think about icky things like mortality and decay, the Golgari Swarm embraces this messy and endless cycle of creation and destruction. In fact, members of the black and green–aligned Golgari value the balance between life and death above all else

Members of the Swarm mostly live underground, dwelling in Ravnica's forgotten and unwanted places, foraging for refuse and discarded treasures from the world above. They are also talented farmers, providing Ravnica with the vast majority of its food production. The Golgari are the largest guild on Ravnica—in large part because of their love of reanimation magic, which they use quite liberally. To the Golgari, power is both incremental and inevitable. The more things die, the more the Golgari Swarm grows

Planeswalker Decks familiarize players who are interested in Magic with basic strategy, plus the game’s setting, characters, and mechanics of the latest set. Each deck comes with a foil Planeswalker card not found anywhere else.


Planeswalker (1)
• 1 Vraska, Regal Gorgon

Creature (25)
• 1 Beast Whisperer
• 2 Bartizan Bats
• 1 Douser of Lights
• 4 Kraul Raider
• 1 Lotleth Giant
• 3 Spinal Centipede
• 1 Devkarin Dissident
• 2 Ironshell Beetle
• 1 Kraul Foragers
• 1 Wild Ceratok
• 3 Attendant of Vraska
• 2 Glowspore Shaman
• 2 Rhizome Lurcher
• 1 Swarm Guildmage

Sorcery (4)
• 2 Prey Upon
• 2 Vraska's Stoneglare

Instant (1)
• 1 Bounty of Might

Enchantment (3)
• 3 Dead Weight

Land (26)
• 4 Golgari Guildgate
• 10 Forest
• 12 Swamp

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