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Set: Core Set 2020 Sealed
Release Date: 2019-07-12
Get Fired Up

Draw on the primal power of elemental magic to take down your opponents in style. From giant fireballs to mind control, the latest Magic: The Gathering cards offer countless paths to victory. Find your favorites and join the fight!

Expand Your Collection---Instantly

The Deck Builder's Toolkit puts 285 cards at your disposal, with everything you need to create multiple Magic decks.


• 4 booster packs from recent sets (relative to the release date of Core Set 2020)
• 100 basic land cards
• 1 Deck Builder's Guide
• 125 cards from recent sets (relative to the release date of Core Set 2020)
• 1 Reusable card storage box

(Each booster pack has 15 randomly inserted game cards.)

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