Aether Revolt - Prerelease Pack

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Set: Aether Revolt Sealed
Release Date: 2017-01-14
Take Back the Power

The Consulate of Kaladesh has seized control of the brilliant inventions on display at the Inventors' Fair and restricted access to the magical aether that powers them. Band together with your fellow inventors to build fantastical new devices and reclaim your stolen creations. Use every resource at your displosal to purge corruption from the Consulate and restore freedom to Kaladesh!


• 4 Aether Revolt booster packs
• 2 Kaladesh booster packs
• 1 Randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic in the set
• 1 Spindown D20 life counter

(Each Booster Pack contains 15 randomly inserted game cards.)

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