2016 World Championships Deck (Ninja Blitz - Cody Walinski)

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Set: World Championships 2016 Sealed
Release Date: 2016-11-09
Play like a champion!

Grab a World Championships deck and play like a champion! Choose one of four powerful decks, each one a card-for-card replica of an actual title-contender's deck from the 2016 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships!

Cody Walinski - Masters Finalist!

Cody Walinski soared into the Masters Division finals with the help of Talonflame, who started game after game as his Active Pokémon thanks to its Gale Wings Ability and the luck of the draw. It's a great start for this deck, which can be slow to get going—Greninja BREAK requires multiple Evolutions before it can start doing its thing. But once it's in play, the Giant Water Shuriken Ability hands out the Knock Outs left and right!

Each 2016 Pokémon TCG World Championships Deck includes:

• 60-Card champion deck
• 2016 World Championships Booklet
• Special 2016 World Championships pin
• 2016 World Championships Deck box

(This deck features a limited-edition card back. These cards are not tournament legal.)

Deck List:

Pokémon (18)
• 3 Greninja BREAK
• 4 Greninja
• 4 Frogadier
• 3 Froakie
• 4 Talonflame

Trainer Card (32)
• 1 Ace Trainer
• 1 Battle Compressor
• 4 Bursting Balloon
• 4 Dive Ball
• 1 Fisherman
• 2 Level Ball
• 4 N
• 1 Pokémon Ranger
• 4 Professor Sycamore
• 3 Rough Seas
• 1 Startling Megaphone
• 2 Super Rod
• 4 VS Seeker

Energy Card (10)
• 2 Splash Energy
• 8 Water Energy

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