Top five reasons you should be collecting Pokemon trading cards.

Top 5 Reasons to Collect Pokemon Trading Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has had a recent rise in popularity over the last few years and it’s left many wondering if they should be collecting the game themselves. But, what even are Pokemon trading cards and why are people so excited about them? Pokemon trading cards are cards featuring characters from the popular Pokemon game and franchise. Every card features a Pokemon character and information about its abilities, stats, and type. These cards are originally released as part of a set from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. 

Since their first release, Pokemon cards have been a hit among fans of the franchise. Pokemon cards were originally designed to be used as a means to play the game. However, they have evolved and are often used for just trading and collecting now as well. There are many factors that determine how valuable a Pokemon card is but some of the top factors are rarity, condition, and demand. Overall, Pokemon cards can be a fun way for fans to connect with one another as well as a potentially good investment. 

1. Investment

Collecting Pokemon trading cards can be a worthwhile investment for some people. In order to successfully invest in Pokemon trading cards, it is important to understand that there are many factors that influence the value of a card. Some of these factors include rarity, condition, and demand among other collectors. Additionally, you will want to do research and ensure that you are up-to-date on market trends as well as any changes in demand for specific cards. When beginning your investment journey with Pokemon cards, keep in mind that this is typically a long-term investment because cards can be subject to market fluctuations and can take time to appreciate. That being said, many of the rare Pokemon trading cards in circulation have appreciated in value over time. While Pokemon trading cards can be a great investment, it's important to understand that like any investment, there are risks involved and no guarantee of a return.

2. Community 

Collecting Pokemon Trading Cards can bring a sense of community. With the Pokemon Trading Card Game spanning over several decades, there are players of all ages and kinds. The game can be a great way to meet new people with shared interests or give you a reason to get together with friends and family. Players and collectors often bond over the nostalgia of the game as well. Then there is the competitive play side of the game. The competitive aspect brings things like tournaments and other organized play which creates opportunities for people to come together and compete against one another. 

3. There Will Always More to Collect

One of the top reasons to collect Pokemon Trading Cards is there will always be more to collect! Since the beginning of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, there continues to be new sets that are released each year. On average, we will see about four Pokemon TCG sets released every year. With new cards coming into circulation each year, the thrill of collecting the game never ends. With each new set, there is also the thrill of trying to collect the set to completion. This is also a challenging and rewarding experience that keeps people collecting the game! 

4. You Don't Need to Know The Game 

Another top reason to collect Pokemon cards is that you don’t have to know the game in order to be successful at collecting. Some people collect the cards for their aesthetic appeal, as the artwork and designs on the cards can be captivating. Others collect the cards as a form of investment. That being said, having a basic understanding of the game and the different types of cards can definitely enhance the experience of collecting the cards. In theory, it can add more excitement to try to collect all the cards needed to play the game, or to try to build a deck with a specific strategy in mind.

5. They Are Easy to Store  

Another reason to collect Pokemon trading cards is that it is fairly easy to store a large amount of Pokemon cards at once. As you begin collecting Pokemon cards, you’ll notice that your collection can pile up fairly quickly. Having single Pokemon cards laying around everywhere can make it difficult to keep track of what cards you may have. With the addition of things like sleeves and binders, storing your Pokemon cards effectively is easier than ever. Binders allow you to store hundreds of pokemon cards all in one place. They also give you the opportunity to organize your collection so when it comes time to sell or trade a specific card, you know exactly where it is. 

Are you ready to start collecting Pokemon cards? Start by grabbing a box of the latest Pokemon set from today!