Top 5 Green Cards I Can’t Wait To Open From Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered is like a cozy walk down memory lane for me. So, I thought I’d share the top 5 green cards that I can’t wait to open out of Dominaria Remastered as soon as it drops.

5. Call Of The Herd

Number five is Call Of The Herd. I remember when this was a format defining card in Standard while at that same time, Operation Dumbo Drop was taking over extended. This was an absolute banger back in the day. Time and power creep have passed Call Of The Herd by, but it’s still an awesome fun card in any deck that utilizes the graveyard as an active play zone.

4. Worldly Tutor

At number four, we have Worldly Tutor. In the original cycle, this was the weakest of the Tutors, but as time has gone on and creatures continually improve, this card has just gotten better and better. Overall, with Commander having access to so many amazing creatures the prospect of Worldly Tutor coming back in packs is awesome!

3. Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is number three for Green out of Dominaria Remastered. Don’t think of Crop Rotation as getting a solution to color woes - Crop Rotation is an instant speed Tutor that puts your solution right into play! If you've ever used Crop Rotation at the end of your opponent's turn, turning a forest into a Gaeia’s Cradle or Phyrexian Tower, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Super stoked to see Crop Rotation featured in this new set. 

2. Squirrel Nest

At Number two, we have Squirrel Nest. Can we ever have enough squirrels? How about squirrels, every turn? How about tapping a land to get a squirrel? Back in the day we would pair this with Opposition (which is also in Dominaria Remastered). Squirrel Nest is a lot of fun and a little dangerous, or maybe a little fun and a lot dangerous?

1. Sylvan Library

Finally, the number one green card in the Dominaria Remastered - Sylvan Library. How could this not be number one? Shout out to my boy Timmy V who always used to say, “Mash whenever you have Sylvan Library - just take eight!” Sylvan Library lets you dig extra deep but you have to pay for the privilege of keeping anything. If you want to do more than peek, you pay the iron price in the form of four life per card. Just remember, when in doubt with a Sylvan Library in play - just take eight. 

I can't wait to open these cards in Dominaria Remastered packs. What are your top five green cards? 


Written by: Mashi Scanlan 12/19/2022