Top 5 Cards I Can’t Wait To Open From Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered covers so much history in the world of Magic, so there are tons of cards that I’m champing at the bit to crack open. We’re still a few weeks away from ripping the set yet but, I took a quick look at everything spoiled so far - and I’m counting down the days! 

5. Swords to Plowshares

Coming in at number five, is STP. Swords to Plowshares is THE creature removal spell. For the low, low cost of one white mana (and a bit of life gain) you get to exile a creature! Swords are the reason that protection from white was such a HUGE part of the early days of Magic - it’s the one mana instant answer to all your creature woes. 

4. Sneak Attack

Number four for me is Sneak Attack. I fell in love with this card in Urza’s Saga and did everything I could to try and break it (failing miserably in the process). With all the echo creatures in Urza’s block you had incredible Enter the Battlefield abilities that got even better when they only cost one red to hit the board. While I could never really get there in Standard (story of my life), this card always excites me and only gets crazier in formats like Commander.

3. Force of Will

Force of Will is number three. It’s a FREE counterspell. FREE. I know, I know Mana Drain is busted, but you can definitely argue that FoW is the best counter in the game. It's certainly the best free counter in the game (sorry Daze). You're tapped out, seemingly on the ropes and your opponent makes their move and - BOOM - an exiled blue card and one life later, you’re in full control and the game is all but over.

2. Vampiric Tutor

Vampiric Tutor comes roaring in at the number two spot. I’ve always loved the Mirage block tutors and it’s awesome to see this card come back. I love tool box strategies and sprinkling in one of the silver bullets, so tutors will always have a special place in my heart. For the teensy, weensy cost of one black mana (and sure two life) Vamp turns every one-of in your deck into a five-of and that’s something I can get behind! 

1. Sylvan Library

The number one card I can’t wait to rip from Dominaria Remastered is Sylvan Library. Sylvan Library is a Green Card Draw, you get to dig three deep but you have to pay the iron price (4 life per extra card) if you want to keep those extra cards. My advice - take eight, baby! 

And there it is - the top five cards I can’t wait to rip out of Dominaria Remastered. What cards are you on the lookout for from this busted reprint set? 

Written by: Mashi Scanlan 12/15/2022