Top 5 Blue Cards I Can’t Wait To Open From Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered is right around the corner and tons of cards have been spoiled, so I want to share the top five blue cards I can't wait to rip from this set. 

5. Arcanis the Omnipotent

Weighing in at number five is Arcanis, the Omnipotent. Arcanis always has a special place in my heart, not because he’s an Ancestral Recall on a stick (though that’s important too), but because it’s indelibly tied to my old sidekick Luis Scott-Vargas. No one loves to draw cards more than LSV except for maybe Arcanis, and those two go together like bread and butter.

4. Fact or Fiction

It’s now or never for number four - Fact or fiction. This card is the ultimate test of who's a better magic player. Are you going to take the 3 pile or the 2 pile? Wait, why is it a 4-1 split, what’s going on here? All lands or all spells? Which one do you bin? The possibilities with which pile to force into the graveyard will always be one of the most fun parts of magic. I always love to crack some Fact or Fictions. 

3. Mystical Tutor

Numero Tres is Mystical Tutor. I’m a huge fan of all of the Mirage Block Tutors with Mystical as my third favorite among them. If you absolutely, positively NEED that sorcery or instant, Mystical will put it right on top of your library (you're a blue mage - you can find a way to draw it early). As a lover of every toolbox strategy, I’m always stoked to be able to dig for those one-of answers in my deck. 

2. Counterspell

Number two is the O.G. - Counterspell! Wow, THE two blue, counter target spells are in Dominaria Remastered. This card is the reason we call them counters - the grandparent of them all. It's been a while since I've ripped packs with Counterspell and it’s always a thrill to see that two mana catch-all answer staring back at you.

1. Force of Will

Of course Force of Will is in the top spot. Do you remember when Alliances came out and Balduvian Horde was the top card? I’M NOT MAKING THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. There are a lot of good cards in Alliances, but Balduvian Horde ain't one of them. Force of Will on the other hand is the BEST card from Alliances. Who isn’t excited by cracking a Force of Will out of a pack? It is a free counter to all of your problems, all you need is a blue card in hand, a little bit of life, and everything’s taken care of.

That’s it. The top blue cards I can’t wait to rip from Dominaria Remastered. Be sure to tune into Card Shop Live on Instagram and Whatnot for breaks of this awesome new set. 

Written by: Mashi Scanlan 12/16/2022