Top 5 Black Cards I Can’t Wait To Open From Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered is right around the corner and I wanted to share with you the top five black cards I can't wait to rip out of Dominaria Remastered. 

5. Oversold Cemetery

Coming in at number five we have Oversold Cemetery. The game plan is simple: you get four (or more) creature cards in your graveyard, you start bouncing creature cards back to your hand using your graveyard as a toolbox for all the creatures you're sending to the ‘yard. In all fairness, I don't remember this ever working out for me, but it was a whole lot of fun to try and all of you give it a go. 

4. Phyrexian Scuta

Number four, Phyrexian Scuta. That's right everyone, it’s the new Juzam! For four mana, you get a three-three AND if you pay some extra life you can turn into a five-five (don’t worry about getting bounced). Ok, it never quite felt like a Juzam, but Scuta found its home in Machine Head and it was certainly a chase card the first time it appeared in packs and I’m happy to rip a few more out of Dominaria Remastered.

3. Street Wraith

Street Wraith comes cycling in at number three. We don't care about the casting cost. We don't care about the power toughness. All we care about is that flavor text, baby! Pay two life, cycle this card and BOOM - suddenly you’re playing a 56 card deck and in any color. How can we not be happy to rip open Street Wraiths? 

2. Entomb

Entomb drops in at number two (which speaks more to the strength of number one than the weakness of Entomb. Entomb is great. It's a tutor in disguise. Right? Entomb is the tutor for anyone (aka everyone) abusing that graveyard as another zone of play. Entomb is an instant speed tutor for ANYTHING you want in the graveyard. Now it’s on you to figure out how to get it out of there and make use of it.

1. Vampiric Tutor

What’s number one? Well, it's an actual Tutor - Vampiric Tutor. For one black and two life, you can put any card on top of your library at instant speed. Drop this during your opponent's end step, close one eye, squint with the other, cock your head to the side and it almost, ALMOST, looks like a Demonic Tutor. It always has been and always will be a thrill to rip Vampiric Tutors out of packs and I can’t wait to crack a few more out of Dominaria Remastered.

That’s all for this one - my top five black cards that I can wait to rip from Dominaria Remastered. Keep an eye out on our Whatnot and Social channels to see when we will be ripping this new set! 


Written by: Mashi Scanlan 12/19/2022