What is a box break?

A "Box Break" is an event where we open trading card games, collectables, and sports products that you have purchased on cardshoplive.com LIVE online on a variety of platforms.

We have two different box break types: "Personal Break" and "Group Break."

"Group Break" means that you are splitting a booster box between other buyers. This can be a great opportunity if you are new to playing or collecting and want to hop in on the fun for a fraction of the price!

"Personal Break" means that you get every single trading card opened in your break sent to you.

Where can I join in with Box Breaks?

You can watch our Box Breaks LIVE on Twitch.tv/cardshopliveYouTube.com/cardshoplive, Whatnot, and Dripshop.live!

How It Works

  • Select and purchase a Box Break using the "Break it Live" option located above the "Add to cart" button.

  • You will then receive an email confirming your purchase after you complete check out.

  • "Personal Breaks" are put into the queue on demand, while "Group Breaks" do not fire until they are filled.

  • Your email will include links to various viewing options such as Twitch, YouTube, Whatnot, and Dripshop.live .

  • If you are not able to watch your break live, head over to twitch.tv/cardshoplive and find all previous VODs within 14 days.

  • Once your order has shipped, an email will be sent to you with the tracking information.

  • Cards usually ship within 2-3 days after your break.

  • Still have questions? - Please reach out to us at boxbreaks@channelfireball.com